Shurtape 665 Gaffers Tape

Shurtape 665 is a premium gaffers tape from the Shurtape Arts & Entertainment (A&E) line of tapes.

It is prized by the most demanding concert, audio-visual, theatre, video and special event professionals.

Shurtape 665 gaffers tape is available in black, white and grey and is offered in four (4) widths.

Shurtape 665 was formerly known as Permacel 665, and was one of the first gaffers tape products commercially available.

Permacel sold its gaffers tape product line to Shurtape Technologies in 2004 and production was moved to Hickory, NC.

The complete, official name for this product is Shurtape 665 A&E. A&E is shorthand for "Arts and Entertainment".

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