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Pro Gaffer

Pro Gaffer tape from ProTapes is premium quality gaffers tape.

Made from cotton cloth with synthetic rubber adhesive, it removes cleanly with no adhesive residue.

Available in 19 colors and 4 widths, Pro Gaffer is the industry standard for production pros.

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Shurtape 665

Shurtape 665 is a premium gaffers tape made from cotton cloth with a synthetic rubber adhesive.

Shurtape removes cleanly with no residue and the matte finish does not reflect light.

Available in 3 colors and 4 widths, Shurtape is the first choice for film, video, concert and special event production.

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Shurtape Pro

Shurtape Professional Grade is a premium grade gaffers tape with a specially formulated adhesive for extreme temperatures.

It is easy to handle in cold weather and can be attached to hot stage lights.

It's available in Black, White and Grey.

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About Gaffers

Gaffers tape tips and articles to help you choose the right gaffers tape for your job or project.

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